Unknowing Competitors

So a former colleague of mine recently left IBM.  Unexpectedly, well sort of….. her laptop, her main form of communication to the outside world (blackberry), and main form of supplemental income (Amex card for customer use of course), were taken away with very little time to back anything up off her hard drive.

A thought occurred to me that if that happened to me, I would be SOL and up the creek without a paddle.  So I go on my file system and go through each drive, each folder, each file, and either start deleting them or moving them off to a personal drive.  Low and behold, buried deep inside the bits and bytes of my file system, I come across this picture.

Ahhh, brought back memories of that moment like it was yesterday.  Here we are, Gia, Angela and myself.  Once teammates, compatriots, comrades, happy to be working together, tackling customer problems
and solving their business needs.  Doing Social Networking old school style.  Ironically when that picture was taken, Social Networking NexGen was just starting to be a viable supplement to the old tried and true, albeit out of date, in fostering innovations, collaborating, and transferring knowledge from the “old farts” to the “know it all brats”.

So here’s the three of us, unknowing competitors then, and direct competitors now.  Both work for Jive Software, while I along with an army of fellow ITS’, hold down the fort.  Although we are corporate enemies now,  these two diamonds in the rough, are and will always be my friends.

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