Lotus Self-Paced Workshops Available

Here’s the scenario… IBM just sold your company an AWESOME collaboration solution that would save your company tons of money and at the same time make your employees work smarter and more efficiently.  So you receive the install CDs, or download from an IBM download site and you’re ready to install, configure, deploy, and train your employees, but wait…. you haven’t been trained yet and have no clue, let alone no budget to schedule and send your troops to training with the best of the best that IBM can offer. Let me tell you first that you are not alone. Many companies face this dilemma as well. Second, here’s a short-term alternative until you can ear-mark the training cost into next year’s budget. The alternative I’m talking about is IBM’s Self-Paced workshops.

Self-Paced workshops enable the student to download the workshop presentations & labs, then execute the labs remotely, all on their own schedule with no travel required. The presentations have synchronized narration (English only) and allow the student full control to pause, forward, repeat or navigate the slides.  Students reserve a 1-week period to run the labs on a remote live environment.  Support for questions or any assistance are provided through a monitored forum.  After enrolling, the student is sent an e-mail with details on how to proceed.  To enroll in this no-fee offering, send a note to Lotusedu@us.ibm.com with the name of the workshop requested, your e-mail address, and one or two preferred 1-week times to run the labs.  NOTE: an internet connection is required.

The Self-Paced workshop content is the same as the in-person workshops that are currently being delivered. Here are links to the workshop descriptions:
Lotus Expeditor Client & Toolkit 6.1.1
Lotus Expeditor for Systems Administrators
Lotus Mobile Connect
Workplace Forms 2.7
WebSphere Portal Express
WebSphere Portal Enable
Lotus Sametime 7.5.1
Lotus Sametime 8.0
Lotus Connections
Lotus Notes 8.0.1 & Domino 8.0.1
Lotus Quickr 8.1
Lotus Forms 3.0.1

For any questions, please send e-mail to Lotusedu@us.ibm.com.

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