Notes Blog vs. Connections Blog – Why can’t I just use one or the other?

I get this question, or at least a variation of this question asked all the time. With many different blogging options for the Enterprise, what’s one to do?

Domino Blog is designed for individuals or a team blog. While many of the features compare, it’s not a solution you would want to deploy across an enterprise. Every blog has it’s own NSF database so it does not scale for an enterprise. An administrator will need to create the NSF on a server and then modify the ACL for the blog author(s). Also, there is no concept of a roll-up or aggregation of all the blogs.

Connections stores all the blogs in a single RDB with a federated search across all active blogs. Any user can easily create their own blog and manage it from a web UI. The solution sounds simple enough when you take a step back and really take a look at what your blogging requirements are for your organization.

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