IBM Smart SOA World Tour: Milwaukee, WI – 10/7/08

See how Business Process Management powered by IBM’s Smart SOA approach can deliver real efficiencies throughout your business. Find out how you can optimize your processes by empowering business users to change processes dynamically and by delivering visibility into process performance. Respond rapidly to changing business conditions, drive sustainable performance, achieve higher ROI, and increase profits.

A local customer will present their own experiences and insight. More importantly, they will also share their personal stories about how IBM’s Smart SOA approach helped them set their business up for a better return on investment.
Sign up today for the IBM Smart SOA World Tour and find out how the Smart SOA approach powers smarter business outcomes by helping you apply the principles of simplicity and robustness. Then let IBM’s experienced team help you implement SOA for immediate and long-term results.

IBM Events – Agenda: Milwaukee, WI – 10/7/08.

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