IBM – MustGather: Read first for IBM WebSphere Portal

So you and your staff have happily installed, configured, and deployed your company portal.  Everything is going well.  Performance is outstanding.  Users can access the information that’s pertinant to them.  Information is secured.  Portal has been branded with your company logo.  Integration applications into your portal has been a pleasant experience.  Everything is hunky dory.  So you think.

Marketing decides to run a campaign that results in high traffic to the company portal.  Performance starts to get sluggish, calls to the help desk increases, users are irrate.  Sound familiar?  You know what’s next, right?  You call IBM Support and they will ask you for a list of things you need to provide so that they can diagnos your problemo and suggest a soltuion.  The link below provides you with what you need to have and made available to send to IBM.

IBM – MustGather: Read first for IBM WebSphere Portal.

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