Introducing “Bluehouse”

Today, we are happy to announce the Open Beta of “Bluehouse.” Open Beta is an exciting time for us. There is a new look to the entire site, new videos and administration, group and meetings improvements.

You’ll notice a focus on the online meeting experience which is going to be one of our first offerings focused on the lifecycle of a meeting. The “Bluehouse” team is proud to show you the next evolution in our strategy for helping you collaborate quickly and efficiently with others outside or inside the firewall.

  • Periodic updates will continue to happen prior to our general availability in 2009. So, now, more than ever, we value your feedback! The best way to share is through the support forum that’s easily accessible from your Dashboard, prominently in the left navigator.
  • If you haven’t been back for a while, take another look at Remember that you used an email address to setup the account originally and you can reset your password as necessary.

If you’re a regular user, please let us know how you like the latest enhancements in the support forum.
Thank you,
The “Bluehouse” team

via “Bluehouse” – Home.

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