IBM Lotus Quick is the latest evolution of IBM’s Quickplace bringing powerful web 2.0 features to the product, while retaining its simple ease of use. On November 11, 2008 Lotus expert, Warren Elsmore, will present a webinar, hosted by THE VIEW and sponsored by Ephox, where he shows you how you can easily take advantage of Quickr 8. Get a look at the new features available in Quickr 8 and how you can take advantage of them. Walk through an upgrade of an existing Lotus Quickplace server to Quickr, and see how an in-place upgrade can be accomplished with little impact. Join us for this Webinar and:
* Understand of the power of Lotus Quickr’s new features and learn how to take advantage of them.
* See how to upgrade your existing Quickplace servers to Lotus Quickr
* Discover how to deploy free Lotus Quickr templates
* Plus, learn a lot more

The presentation is free but you must register prior to the presentation date at http://w.on24.com/r.htm?e=123632&s=1&k=DE5D1DEFB68D29B42AD2FB2A0C48DC30

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