IBM – WebSphere Portal Support Statement for virtual environments

On July 1, 2008, IBM added many VMware virtualization technologies and the IBM PowerVM multiple shared pool virtualization technology to the sub-capacity licensing offering, and announced the availability of the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) for use by customers to identify PVU requirements for their Full and Sub-capacity environments. Both IBMers and our partners need to know about Virtualization (Sub-capacity) offerings and the new announcements


Customers can employ various applications to provide an emulated or virtual operating environment in order to meet their needs, such as to provide production server consolidation, centralized management, or to host dynamic test environments. The virtual environment by design provides transparency to the operating systems, applications, and middleware that operate above it.


Such environments are not used during the official testing of IBM® WebSphere® Portal; therefore, certain considerations must be taken into account prior to deploying the portal in such an environment.

via IBM – WebSphere Portal Support Statement for virtual environments.

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