IBM – Chair of meetings with no invitees is not informed of room rename


In Lotus Notes, when a room within the Resource & Reservations (R&R) database is renamed, all reservations for the room are automatically updated with the new name and a notification is sent to all chairs with outstanding reservations for this particular room.

However, if a chair of a meeting has created a reservation for this particular room with no invitees listed in the invitee list, the chair does not receive a notification to update the meeting document with the new room name.

Resolving the problem

This issue was reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# JCHM7KMNNG.

To work around this issue, administrators can create a formula agent to update the calendar entries that are not correct, as follows:

1. In the mail file, from the Create menu, choose Agent.

2. Name the agent something appropriate, for example, Room Rename Fix.

3. Change from “Simple Action(s)” to Formula and enter the following:

FIELD Room:= “NEWROOMNAME/sitename”;

(where newroomname/sitename is the hierarchical name of the new room name)

4. Save the agent.

5. Go into the mail file and select the documents that did not update. Run the agent against these documents.

via IBM – Chair of meetings with no invitees is not informed of room rename.

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