Looking for a reason to switch to Gmail? Think again.

With today’s economic conditions, everyone is looking for ways to reduce cost and are looking towards hosted solutions like Google Mail (Gmail).  In my opinion, this way of thinking is a knee-jerk type reaction to CYA.  When you start comparing apples to apples, here are some areas where iNotes is clearly better than Gmail or other things to consider when comparing iNotes and Gmail:

  • Most users will find the iNotes user interface much more intuitive than the Gmail UI.  iNotes has a more visually appealing design, and actions are much easier to locate.  If they have looked at 8.0.1 Lite mode and 8.5 Full mode, they will see additional user interface improvements with things like managed tabs (which GMail does not have), and other innovations like My widgets, that allows bringing in the power of external Web-based services within the Mail application.
  • Better integration of the various PIM areas.   Content may be copied easily into other PIM objects. Calendar is a separate window that is opened for Gmail…as a separate application.  iNotes supports notification of calendar events no matter which functional area the user is in.
  • iNotes overall is a much more mature product….has greater feature set and much greater usage within a corporate environment.
  • iNotes 8.5 offers great flexibility in turning on/off different pieces of functionality for different users in the organization.
  • iNotes 8.5 offers 3 distinct modes (Full, Lite)…both with very rich experiences and a Basic (Ultralite) experience which works well from Apple iPhone and iPod touch devices today and many more mobile browsers in the future. The gmail mobile experience doesn’t tie together mail with other PIM application areas (e.g., Calendar, Tasks)
  • iNotes 8.5 offers configuring personal or shared Quickr repositories that might be easily navigated to in order to send links or to automatically place physical attachments being sent with links instead
  • iNotes offers a single list of all entries in a view or folder, rather than making a user page thru chunks of entries.
  • Much easier to sort on different columns with iNotes
  • iNotes rich text editor supports inserting images into the message being composed
  • iNotes contacts offers a very rich set of data that might be stored about the contact
  • iNotes offers greater customization possibilities
  • iNotes offers Tasks that can be shown thru to one’s calendar
  • iNotes supports sophisticated integration to many directories that may be configured on the Domino server, and also offers offline directory catalogs to take directories offline.
  • iNotes C&S offers the ability to view other invitees busy time and select an optimal time for all involved attendees when setting up a meeting.
  • iNotes C&S offers more advance actions that an meeting chairperson or attendee may undertake (such as delegating to another individual).
  • When using the iNotes Control with IE, we offer browsing and selecting multiple attachments to insert from the same Windows folder as well as drag and drop files from Windows explorer to the control.
  • iNotes (with the iNotes control on Windows) supports being registered as the default Mail application on a system and supports Simple MAPI interfaces that allow sending files from Explorer or from Windows applications that offer Send Mail functionality, as well as registering itself to be the mailto handler for any encountered web links.
  • Context-sensitive right-click menus.
  • There is no equivalent to the iNotes secure mail features in Gmail.
  • Follow-up and Attention Indicators in mail views.
  • Nested folders are also a feature that some users really like (though Gmail seem to feel labels are better).
  • Very sophisticated PDF calendar printouts.
  • Scheduling Rooms and Resources as part of a meeting.

These are just a few features listed when compared to Gmail.  I’m sure there are more.  Point being, look before you jump.  The water may seem shallow, but before you know it, you may be in more deep doo doo than you bargained for.

One thought on “Looking for a reason to switch to Gmail? Think again.

  1. Is this post relative to switching on enterprise level I assume? I don’t know much about inotes.. been out of the IBM world for a few years just using whatever is available at whatever client I’m at. (Usually exchange) however email is somewhat of a commodity to me now.

    I do know that gmail has been pretty solid and free for me personally with what seems like unlimited storage and great search functionality for the last 3 years.. Anything similar in regards to a free / personal offering on inotes?



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