New Video Tutorial

Sametime Mobile Connect is a Sametime client designed specifically for Smartphone and Blackberry devices, providing the awareness and chat features that use the same buddy lists and groups already configured in user’s Sametime Connect or Notes embedded client. In this tutorial, created and moderated by world-class expert, Gabriella Davis of the Turtle Partnership, and sponsored by GSX Groupware Solutions, you get step-by-step instruction on configuring your Sametime server in a way that will allow Smartphone and Blackberry users to install Sametime Mobile Connect by browsing to a URL. You learn the ins and outs of Setting up an OTA (over the air) install for Sametime Mobile Connect software from a BES, and we drill down into the best configuration options and features for Sametime Mobile Connect based on your device. Plus, Gabriella shows you how to identify the real-life limitations of Sametime Mobile Connect.

Check out the video tutorial today at

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