IBM – IBM WebSphere Portal Performance Troubleshooting Guide


This document is intended as a guide for resolving performance problems you may encounter with IBM WebSphere Portal version 5.1 or later. In this guide, you will find:

o Information on how to isolate the nature of the problem you are encountering

o Useful information to help you diagnose the problem

o Descriptions of common performance problems, so you can identify the specific problem you are facing, and

o Descriptions of how to resolve those problems.

This guide is intended for a technical audience – those who are comfortable working with WebSphere Portal and its associated software. It will not be generally useful to end-users who are accessing web sites built using WebSphere Portal.

This guide is not intended as the only definitive resource regarding WebSphere Portal or Java tuning, performance or troubleshooting. It provides a guideline and suggestions that will aid the majority of WebSphere Portal administrators when encountering the performance problems described in this guide. It should be used in conjunction with the product support documentation in addition to other references.

This document contains screenshots and sample log output from WebSphere Portal 6.1, running on WebSphere Application Server Are you using a different version of WebSphere Portal? That’s not a problem. While the exact steps for some of the actions vary from version to version, the basic methodology described here applies to all versions of WebSphere Portal, and to products built on top of WebSphere Portal, such as Lotus Quickr.

via IBM – IBM WebSphere Portal Performance Troubleshooting Guide.

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