GURU TIPS – Restarting servers

The following tip is provided by Warren Elsmore, Senior Architecture Consultant for BE System, based in the UK. He’s been working with Notes and Domino since release 3 and is a regular conference speaker throughout the world, including Lotusphere. His expertise covers Lotus Notes, Domino, Sametime and Quick Administration and especially mobile devices.

This weeks’ tip is about restarting servers. We all know it needs to happen sometime – you need to restart a server, and the only possible time is at 3am!

Now, I’m willing to guess that you don’t like to be awake at 3am, so how can you schedule this to happen? Well, if your servers are using the Java server controller, then you can schedule this to happen automatically!

You’ll need to access the Java console and login to the server you wish to manage. Next up, Click on ‘Edit’ and ‘Periodic Commands’. Now you can fill in the details;

– The name of the server
– The command to run (‘Restart Server’ will restart the Domino server)
– The Startup delay before this command runs. This is the time between enabling the command and the command running
– The Delay. This is the delay before this command repeats. Set this to zero!

Finally, Click Done and off you go! Your servers will restart themselves at the given time.

One further tip – if you have problems with Domino servers that just won’t shut down cleanly, try entering the command as ‘#Restart Domino’ – this will tell the controller to kill Domino, then restart it.

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