As the gap between CPU cost and disk cost continues to grow, the Lotus Domino team has been hard at work providing mechanisms to help customers reduce their total disk costs. This includes simple reduction in disk usage as well as allowing effective use of lower cost disks, and reduction of disk management. has arranged for you to get a first hand look at exactly how they’ve approached this and what they’ve achieved, with an online presentation of the Lotusphere 1009 session, How to Potentially Reduce Your Dick Costs Using Domino 8.5. This session will provide an array of best practices and financial information on how to best use Domino, and Domino 8.5 features in particular, to help reduce disk costs immediately.

The session happens April 7, 2009 at 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -5) and presented by Russ Holden, Lotus Domino Chief Architect and IBM Distinguished Engineer. it is free to participate in the online session, but pre-registration is required. You can register at

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