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Enabling Sametime presence awareness in Connections using the Notes client

Sametime presence awareness is a tricky area when building Connections environments – the functionality adds so much to the usefulness of Profiles and the business card in particular, yet is notoriously difficult to get working reliably.

In Connections 1.0x the STLinks API was used (as in Quickr/Domino) which worked well to give awareness and a Web interface for chat, but did not offer extensive functionality or work reliably on a wide variety of OS platforms and browsers.

In Connections 2.0.x the new ST Web API is used, which means that a valid version of the Sametime Connect client (8.0.1+) must be present on the client machine and be logged into the Sametime server for presence awareness to work. The upside is that a user then gets the full functionality of the Sametime client.

via The Connections Blog.

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