IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory Application Builder Technology Preview

Business and Technology Challenges

Business users operate in increasingly competitive and globalized environments that demand immediate and dynamic business responses to exploit and counter emerging opportunities and threats. Requests for the applications and technologies enabling dynamic business responses often go unfulfilled as technology organizations are already overburdened with far more work than existing technical resources have the capacity to deliver. Business users in turn leverage quasi-technical departmental resources to create applications to address application and technology demands independently of the technology organization utilizing tools, infrastructure and security mechanisms that do not meet established technology standards. As the importance of these applications grow from simple point solutions to critical business process enablers the technology organization is tasked with maintaining, supporting and modernizing the application for enterprise usage.

Key Business Value Propositions

IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory Application builder provides business users and technology organizations with the following benefits: o Increases business agility for exploiting and countering emerging opportunities and threats o Helps resolve technology organization resource constraints by extending application creation capabilities to business users o Minimizes technology organization application conversation costs when transitioning from departmental to enterprise usage

via IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory Application Builder Technology Preview.

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