Web 2.0 Interview with Zuckerberg

Thought I’d share an email that my colleague at IBM shared to the rest of our team regarding Web 2.0 and the impact social media is having today and in our future at enterprises across the globe.  Thanks to Heidi Grosch for this content I’m sharing below and for her insightful point of view.


Good Morning –

Over the weekend I stumbled across this after FINALLY watching the Social Network and becoming more intrigued with the social hierarchy psychology that initially sparked Mark Z. into thinking social media was a good idea. I was impressed with his thought process as portrayed in the movie so I ran straight to my laptop to see what was on his FB page – and found the video below.

The movement is fairly interesting as FB began in Universities after I had graduated, but I can remember my cousins and brother (3 yrs younger) talking about Facebook – and only having access at the university level – at the time you had to have an email address ending in .edu of specific U’s. Since then, in a short 7 years (since I heard about my family’s use of FB) it has become the major social media outlet that is today. Quite quick for any industry to blossom, grow, and again intermediate maturity (ref video below).

While executives may be pushing you away from “Social” and “Facebook” ideas, I have to say the industry is changing and those execs who are not willing to embrace this will find themselves behind  with the onset of the mass exodus of baby boomers from the corporate world in alignment with the on-boarding of Millenniums, who prefer immediate communication means (i.e. txting and FB) to conversations and emails.

The interview is pretty long but definitely worth the time as it provides great insight into the development of social media from the ground up as well as what Mark believes is coming next in the ‘movement’. Take a look if you get a chance; pleasantly entertaining, educational and insightful (especially if you have kids in HS or College and are wondering what the world is going to look like in the next 10 yrs. and were a little confused – but intrigued – when you were at the apple store buying their holiday present and the clerk was able to check you out while you were still in line – using an iphone instead of a cash register).

Take a look.

Web 2.0 Summit 2010: A Conversation with Mark Zuckerberg

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