Developing an Eclipse plug-in from start to finish

In this article we develop an Eclipse plug-in starting from an idea and finishing with deployment. Plug-in development consists of developing the code by the “rules” of Eclipse, and so we have the obligation and privilege to use features available in the Eclipse platform.

First the plug-in idea is described, including where it came from and a vision or what it should and should not be. Then we go through the development process by developing the plug-in, using Eclipse features and manual coding when necessary.

After writing the plug-in code, we create an Eclipse Feature that holds our plug-in and gives us a means to create an update site. In this way, we can install the plug-in from an update site, either locally or remotely from a Web server.

To get the most from this article, you should have working experience in JavaTM programming and Eclipse, be familiar with Eclipse plug-in concepts, and have a general idea of what’s involved in developing plug-ins, even if you have never done so before.

via Developing an Eclipse plug-in from start to finish.

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