Administrators: Previewing Lotus Connections 3 for your users

This guide provides the following information for this release:

* Overview of several new features

* Changes from the previous release

* Links to product tours, reference cards, and product documentation

You can download the guide from this wiki article; there are two file attachments available to you:

* An Adobe .PDF file, ready for e-mailing, printing, or distributing to your organization.

* A Lotus Symphony .ODT file that can be customized for your organization; for example, you can add contact information for your Help Desk. The file includes instructions in blue text for customizing information – remember to remove these instructions before rolling out the file to your organization.

We suggest that you distribute the guide to your users before their new Lotus Connections software is installed or updated.

via Administrators: Previewing Lotus Connections 3 for your users.

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