ECM Library Widget CONN301

Functional overview

Custom Library provides ECM integration into Lotus Connections by adding ECM libraries/folders as components in a community. The Custom Library component/widget is also available in Quickr 8.5. The widget is similar in concept to the Enterprise Library Viewer added in Quickr 8.1.1 except has more robust in features. Namely it provides the ability to edit content/properties/metdata, mange versions, compound docs (including attachments), and handling of private drafts.

Note: Custom Library does not yet (might in the future) provide CAI/TAI integration. It’s a “connect” model so an ECM library/folder is not created/removed when adding/removing the Custom Library component from a community. Also note that access control is completely controlled by the ECM container. So adding/removing members to the place does not change access to the ECM library/folder.

Functional changes in this release

The Custom Library component in Connections is the same component that was included in Quickr 8.5 with some minor integration updates to fit into Connections, and a few fixes and design changes in the widget.

via ECM Library Widget CONN301.

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