InformationWeek Event – Becoming a Social Business

Every few years, advancements in technology and the evolution of business meet at the nexus of a cultural shift that fundamentally changes how business gets done. One of those moments is happening now – businesses are deploying exciting new collaborative tools to enable a more dynamic, increasingly mobile, and idea-laden workforce to create the new “social business.”People – and their ideas – have become central to the business again. And these social computing tools are enabling enterprises to tap into the collective intellectual capital of their employees, as geographically dispersed people are now collaborating and sharing ideas more productively than ever before across intelligent, interconnected systems. By connecting people and accelerating decision-making, social collaboration helps people deepen relationships, generate and share new ideas faster, and increase their productivity. To ensure that this new way of working becomes part of the DNA of the organization, many companies are turning to end-to-end collaboration platforms and embedding social business tools throughout the enterprise.In this multimedia event extravaganza, IBM and InformationWeek team up to present a series of globally-renowned experts speaking on key issues in their areas of expertise related to perfecting the social business. It all takes place within the framework of the latest in collaborative technologies to connect the experts with both a live audience and a virtual community.

via InformationWeek Event.

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