Comparing the features of IBM Lotus Domino Document Manager with IBM Lotus Quickr for Domino

IBM® Lotus® Domino® Document Manager (DDM) has been providing customers with document management services for more than a decade. DDM is now being replaced by other, more advanced software.

IBM has announced that it will officially end standard DDM support services on 30 September 2012. The general replacement product is IBM Lotus Quickr® 8.5.1 for Domino (hereafter called Quickr Domino). All DDM customers who are current with their maintenance and support are entitled to the Quickr Domino license and it is on their Passport Advantage account. Other no-cost entitlements are also available, including IBM FileNet Content Manager Collaboration Edition and IBM Content Manager Collaboration Editon (contact your IBM Account Representative or Business Partner to have the DDM Program Office contacted for an entitlement change). Other similar products include IBM Connections Content Edition and Docova (from business partner

As a new-generation collaboration software, however, Quickr Domino differs from DDM, which is only for document management. To help you better understand these differences, in this article we compare Quickr Domino with DDM with respect to the following features:

  • Hierarchical structure
  • Security settings
  • Document management model
  • Document management functions
  • User interface
  • Other features

via Comparing the features of IBM Lotus Domino Document Manager with IBM Lotus Quickr for Domino.

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