Providing personalized content using IBM Web Content Manager 7.0 and the Personalization engine

Personalized content is highly demanded in all content-driven portals to better guide you to your area of interest; for example, a corporate portal would display alerts for managers other than those for employees, and an Airlines portal would better display holiday offers for destinations to which you can fly from your current location. Another eCommerce portal would better display commercial advertisements available in your area, etc.

IBM® Web Content ManagerTM (WCM) provides the content and can be combined with Personalization rules based on site visitor profile attributes to decide which content is displayed to which user profiles.

Using a hands-on exercise, this article shows how to use WCM 7.0 and Personalization rules to provide personalized content functionality for a WCM-driven portal. It is intended for content designers who are interested in implementing Personalized sites using WCM 7.0.

To get the most from this article, you should be familiar with WCM components and the personalization engine, and have high-level knowledge of IBM WebSphere® Portal Administration.

via Providing personalized content using IBM Web Content Manager 7.0 and the Personalization engine.

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