IBM Viewpoints: January 11, 2012

Why Patents & Innovation Matter
For 19 consecutive years, IBM has reigned as the leading recipient of U.S. patents, with its inventors receiving a record 6,180 patents in 2011. The company’s record-setting 2011 patent tally more than quadrupled Hewlett-Packard’s issuances and exceeded by more than six times the total of Oracle/Sun. IBM’s patent leadership is a reflection of the commitment to innovation that differentiates the company and its employees.

IBM’s Viewpoint:
Here’s how you can add to the conversation about why IBM’s patent leadership matters.

— Patents are a critical component of IBM’s high-value business strategy, enabling the company to create leading-edge products and services for clients, protect its freedom of action in the marketplace, and generate approximately $1 billion annually in IP-related income.

— Now more than ever, innovation is a global effort at IBM. More than 8,000 inventors from 36 countries contributed to IBM’s record 6,180 U.S. patents in 2011. IBMers are encouraged to invent and seek patent protection for their innovations, and they are recognized and rewarded for doing so.

— IBM’s patented inventions have great value in the marketplace, helping to generate a return on the approximately $6 billion annual investment IBM makes in R&D. IBM’s patent portfolio is also made available to other companies via license agreements and joint technology development projects, such as the recently-announced computer chip manufacturing collaboration in New York State.

What They’re Saying
— A Smarter Planet blog post from IBM VP of Innovation, Bernie Meyerson, examines Mastering the Art of Global Innovation

— Bloomberg spotlights IBM’s 19th consecutive year of U.S. patent leadership:

— examines IBM’s formula for patent success:

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