IBM Lotus Symphony – Release Notes

What’s New in IBM® Lotus® SymphonyTM 3.0.1?

IBM Lotus Symphony offers better visual design, easier access, and more useful functions to assist your work.


  • Opening Microsoft Office 2007 documents that are protected by a password.
  • More numbering and bullet styles.
  • Performance enhancement for autosave.
  • Homepage enhancement.


  • Editing speaker notes in normal view.
  • Coping data from a spreadsheet as a link.


  • Keeping formatting in DataPilot tables.
  • 1 million rows support in spreadsheets
  • Preserving the cell comments in Microsoft Office 2007 Excel files after save it in Lotus Symphony.


  • New chart types.
  • Inserting new level categories in chart data.
  • Including values from hidden cells.
  • Rotating text in data labels.

via IBM Lotus Symphony – Release Notes.

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