IBM Viewpoints – February 7

Clear Skies Ahead for Cloud Computing
Following years of anticipation and lofty expectations, cloud computing is beginning to deliver on its potential as a powerful resource for businesses, governments and organizations in all industries. A recent IBM Institute of Business Value study found that 90 percent of organizations expect to adopt or substantially deploy a cloud model in the next three years. The New York Times cited a Forrester Research outlook for 2020 in declaring, “cloud computing will come on quicker than you think.
IBM CTO of Cloud Computing Lauren States outlines how IBM is poised to capitalize on what it has identified as a major business growth opportunity with $7 billion in cloud revenue forecast by 2015.

IBM’s Viewpoint
Here’s how you can join the conversation about IBM’s perspective on the cloud business opportunity:

— The impact of cloud computing will extend beyond the traditional IT industry by making technology more widely accessible throughout organizations. This will help transform the way services are delivered in industries as diverse as healthcare, banking, telecommunications and government.

— Removing the complexity associated with using cloud computing and giving people access to unprecedented computing power will transform the way clients in key growth areas, such as smarter commerce, analytics and social business provide services to their own customers.

— IBM is combining its strengths in hardware, software and services to deliver cloud capabilities that provide choice, security and control as clients begin shifting critical activities to the cloud.

What They’re Saying
— The Wall Street Journal positions Warren Buffet’s recent investment in IBM as a validation of the company’s cloud computing strategy.

— Wired reports on IBM cloud-based analytics that can help life sciences companies discover new drugs.
— InformationWeek examines how the IBM SmartCloud for Social Business connects the company’s cloud and collaboration strategies.

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