IBM Viewpoints – February 12

Transforming Global Healthcare
Fifty years after IBM and Akron Children’s Hospital launched an ambitious project to build the first computer-based patient records system, only 1% of hospitals are using electronic records to their full potential, according to the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. Meanwhile, an increase of chronic diseases and aging populations around the globe has increased the pressure on healthcare providers to operate more efficiently while providing better care.

The CIO of Akron Children’s Hospital explains how overcoming the challenges that confronted healthcare providers a half-century ago remains an elusive goal even today.

IBM’s Viewpoint
Here’s how you can add to the conversation about how IBM is helping hospitals, insurance companies and healthcare providers use digital information and electronic records to improve patient care.

— While transforming healthcare is a complex challenge, the hard work of creating a more effective, sustainable system that delivers better service and value to patients has begun.

— Global healthcare transformation depends on universal adoption of electronic health records, which are the basic building blocks of healthcare efficiency. IBM has a long history of creating and connecting systems to share patient information.

— Health analytics will play a central role in driving real change in the healthcare system by ushering in a new age of smarter decision-making. Healthcare organizations can use analytics to publish metrics on how hospitals are performing; create scorecards for enabling doctors to help chronic patients get better; and change behavior to help doctors and nurses make more intelligent and informed decisions.

— IBM brings deep expertise in applying, integrating and maintaining complex systems. That is coupled with our broad expertise in life sciences, bioinformatics and the full spectrum of healthcare disciplines. Emerging technologies like Watson could further IBM’s ability to help physicians and nurses identify the most effective treatment options for patients and enable new healthcare innovations.

What They’re Saying
— The New York Times spotlights the digital health records “miracle” unveiled by IBM and Akron Children’s Hospital 50 years ago.

— On the Huffington Post, IBM Director of Healthcare Transformation Dr. Paul Grundy offers his prescription for paying doctors to keep people healthy.
— Forbes investigates Watson’s potential as a game changer for the healthcare industry.

— The New York Times reports that Watson technology has the potential to be a “profound enabler of the transformation of health care.”

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