IBM Viewpoints – February 15

One Year After Jeopardy!, What’s Next for Watson?
This week marks the one-year anniversary of IBM Watson’s historic match against the two greatest champions of the popular Jeopardy! quiz show. Watson’s victory was a remarkable accomplishment that marked the culmination of an intensive four-year research effort by a team of IBM scientists. It also signaled the start of another quest — applying Watson analytics technology to solve some of the world’s most complex problems.

IBM’s Viewpoint
Here’s how you can join the conversation about IBM’s perspective on putting Watson to work:

— The challenge and opportunity for Watson extends far beyond its victory on Jeopardy! By applying major advances in deep analytics and system design, Watson has the potential to transform entire industries like healthcare, financial services and telecommunications.

— In healthcare, Watson could analyze the meaning and context of human language, quickly processing vast amounts of data to help physicians and nurses identify the most effective treatment options for patients.

— Watson technology is being put to work at WellPoint, one of the largest U.S. health benefits providers, to help doctors make more accurate diagnosis and reduce unnecessary and costly lab tests. Through this project, Watson can become a ubiquitous bedside and office-visit assistant for doctors and nurses — delivering truly personalized care to patients.

What They’re Saying
— CNET says Watson is transitioning from a Jeopardy champion to a new line of business for Big Blue.

— Fortune examines how Watson is being commercialized as an analytics tool for industries like healthcare, telecom and financial services.

— MIT Tech Review illustrates how Watson could be used in financial services.

— GigaOM speculates about Watson’s potential implications in retail.

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