IBM Connections wiki : IBM Connections 4.0 documentation : What’s new in IBM Connections 4?

What’s new in using?

IBM Connections:

Share a status update or file from anywhere in IBM Connections. Log in and then click the Share link in the header.

The activity stream displays an aggregated view of the latest updates from people or events that you are following and people in your network. To view more information about an update, repost it, or like it, click the entry to launch the embedded experience.

IBM Connections now introduces an enhanced Metrics application. Metrics employs the analytic capabilities of the IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence server, which is provided as part of the IBM Connections installation to support the collection of metrics data. Administrators and designated users can work with interactive displays of global metrics by clicking Server Metrics in the footer. Community owners can view non-interactive reports for their communities by clicking Metrics in the navigation pane.

The rich text editor, which is used across the IBM Connections applications, has been upgraded to CKEditor 3.6.3 in this release. There are a number of new features in the Wikis editor.

Profiles has been updated to include the activity stream, which shows the profile owner’s latest updates from across IBM Connections.

When viewing your search results, you can filter the results from Profiles to exclude inactive profiles by selecting Exclude Inactive People from the Show menu on the Profiles Search Results page.

The social analytic widgets now recommend private as well as public content, based on your existing relationships with public and private content in IBM Connections.

The Trending widget displays a list of the hot topics that are trending in your organization. The widget displays when you filter your search results using the Status Updates option.

Status updates and microblogging content are now included in the analysis of the relationships that are used to recommend content and people in the social analytics widgets.

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