IBM – Software – IBM Connect 2013 – Agenda-at-a-glance

JumpStart and Master Class sessions

JumpStarts focus on introductory and overview material to help get you ready for the more in-depth technical sessions coming later in the week. Master Class sessions are designed for the practitioners already in the trenches.

Social Business Online

The conference information and messaging system.

Birds-of-a-Feather sessions

Birds-of-a-Feather sessions are a popular feature of our conference, bringing together communities and individuals with similar interests. These sessions are informal, interactive discussion groups for like-minded attendees to share ideas and experiences in an small group, open forum setting.

Solutions Showcase

Visit with our sponsors and exhibitors, a venue for attendees eager to find the best social business services and solutions.


Architects, developers, engineers, and consultants with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise are available to talk, to problem solve, and to help answer your questions or to simply brainstorm.

via IBM – Software – IBM Connect 2013 – Agenda-at-a-glance.

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