IBM Serviceability Tool for Sametime ** Available for Customers!!! **

Free to IBM Sametime customers is the IBM® Serviceability Tool for Sametime® (version 8.5.2.x).  V8.5.2.x is the first release of this tool and it will be enhanced by IBM Sametime Development with periodic updates.   The IBM Serviceability Tool consists of the following four components.

Sametime Configuration Validator
The Sametime Configuration Validator is a plug-in designed to load the entire configuration information for your Sametime environment, and validate the configuration. It examines configuration settings to verify consistency, and then produces a Configuration Report.
Please note, items reported in the Configuration Report do not necessarily indicate that there is a problem with that setting. The Configuration Validation is intended to call attention to areas that are not as expected, with the intent of using this report when the environment is experiencing a problem. The report can be reviewed for areas that might be contributing to the problem.

Sametime Support Bot
The Sametime Support Bot plug-in provides a Sametime bot within a Sametime Community. Sametime users can contact the Sametime bot and receive automated responses that can be used for troubleshooting or for reporting a Sametime issue. Data is collected, and then administrators can generate a PDF report of the collected data to submit to IBM Support.

Sametime Community Monitoring
The Sametime Community Monitoring plug-in provides a view for monitoring the Sametime Community Statistics generated. Updates can be configured from 5 secs to 10 minutes. The administrator can monitor multiple Sametime Community Servers and see totals, such as current logins for example, across all servers and for individual servers. This component is for live monitoring only.

Sametime Deployment Planner
The Sametime Deployment Planner is a plug-in that helps to expose what the new 8.5.x product servers and features have to offer. Additionally, it reveals tips and tricks for successfully planning and deploying the environment.

Sametime Versions
This tool is designed for use with the following:

  • All Sametime components versions 8.5 and later
  • Sametime Community 8.0, and later

Access the downloads from the IBM Serviceability Tool for Sametime Community on IBM Greenhouse:

Feedback such as information on problems, enhancement requests, and usability concerns can be posted to the IBM Serviceability Tool for Sametime community on IBM Greenhouse. IBM reviews all feedback but makes no commitments regarding changes to the product or its documentation.

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