Cloud Momentum Rolls In

IBM’s bold move last week to fortify its cloud capabilities through the acquisition of  the world’s largest privately held cloud infrastructure company, SoftLayer Technologies, continues to generate a positive global response.

IT and Wall Street analysts have joined the conversation, lauding the SoftLayer acquisition as a significant strategic strike that will accelerate IBM efforts to deliver comprehensive cloud services to new and existing clients.  

What They’re Saying
Forrester says IBM’s move can make it appeal to a broader and more diverse customer base.”

Gartner observes, “…SoftLayer’s technology and service philosophy are useful to IBM as a platform strategy, and potentially as bits of software and best practices to embed in other IBM products and services.”

Financial analyst firm ISI Group said, “We believe this is a solid deal strategically in helping bolster IBM’s positioning in higher-growth cloud services and providing a stronger alternative to more established vendors.”

Hurwitz & Associates tweeted that IBM’s acquisition of SoftLayer “is significant in [the] evolution of hybrid cloud. Good move.”

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