Creating an Exceptional Digital Experience


Creating an Exceptional Digital Experience An IBM DX Workshop You’re Invited! Date: October 20, 2015 Time: 9:00AM – Noon Location: Web Meeting link below Introduction IBM Digital Experience Suite delivers rich, engaging digital experiences – across multiple channels – designed to deepen customer relationships and improve customer self-service. Next generation customer web experiences simplify integrating the power of social and mobile technologies with engaging, rich content and robust analytics to help anticipate customers needs and achieve their goals.

  • Empower business people to rapidly create and adapt content and capture feedback instantly to engage and respond to changing customer needs.
  • Reach mobile customers easily and simply with targeted content and streamlined user experiences.
  • Use social capabilities to improve customer services, engage and deepen relationships, and build brand loyalty.

The Proof of Technology is designed to highlight the main features, value and roadmap of IBM’s Digital Experience platform.

This Proof of Technology is targeted to a more general audience including managers, business users and technical professionals. Participants will explore the Digital Experience platform by choosing from 9 hands-on product labs.


  • IBM Digital Experience Introduction
  • IBM Digital Experience Roadmap
  • Data and Content Infusion for the Business User

Registration and Web Meeting
Register today: Web Meeting link:
Web Meeting password: smartcloud
Conference Bridge: USA Toll-Free: 888-426-6840 PC: 20955813,
Mobile: 1-888-426-6840,,,,20955813#

The web session will start at 9:00 AM and end at approximately noon. For any questions, please contact

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