CISO’s Tough Decision: Security On-Prem, Cloud or Both?

Managing application security on-premises and in the cloud can be tricky. Whether CISOs want it or not, cloud transition will happen. As a CISO, you need to be ready to align operations with future company requirements and to determine when security solutions should be hosted on-premises, in the cloud or by using a hybrid model.

Join this webinar featuring Shahar Ben-Hador, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Nabeel Saeed, Cloud Security Evangelist for a lively interactive session that will discuss:

•How to secure your company’s cloud expansion
•Which assets should be hosted in the cloud vs. on-prem
•What pace you should be moving at to reach your end goal
•How to maximize flexibility and performance for IT operations with cloud security


Source: CISO’s Tough Decision: Security On-Prem, Cloud or Both?

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