IBM – WebSphere Portal 5.1 Cumulative Fix 2

You have got to be kidding me!  Don’t tell me your enterprise is still running on Portal 5.x?!?!  My friend, I have news for you.  That’s ancient history!!!  You have got to migrate to the latest release of Portal, which by the way is Portal v6.1.x.

Yeah I understand.  You neither have the time, the resources, or the budget to move to v6.1.  Well, I won’t sit here and feel sorry for you because you have performance issues, BUT what I will tell you is there’s a Cumulative Fix that’s available even if you are on v5.1.x.  So here it is, but seriously, you need to plan to move to v6.1, like yesterday.  🙂


This cumulative fix updates Portal 5.1 and to Portal

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This cumulative fix updates WebSphere Portal from the 5.1and level to the level.

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