IBM Exceptional Web Experience Conference 2012 – IBM Training – United States

As the world becomes more socially connected, experiences – especially web experiences matter more than ever. Join us for the 2012 IBM Exceptional Web Experience Conference – Americas.

IBM has brought to the forefront a suite of tools, proven business solutions and industry-leading integration capabilities to deliver an Exceptional Web Experience. Learn how to create a more personalized, relevant online presence that:

Provides rich and engaging experiences without sacrificing flexibility, scalability, or security

Drives incremental value that combines back-end applications, commerce solutions, social media sites, and cloud-based services tailored for your audience

Empowers your business owners to manage the creation and delivery of content, rich media, campaigns, and surveys delivered through multiple channels.

We look forward to your participating and experiencing the expertise from IBM subject matter experts, IBM Business Partners and other client attendees at this event!

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