IBM – Best practices for maintaining Notes/Domino notes.ini settings


As you upgrade, migrate to new hardware, and implement other vender solutions in your IBM Lotus Notes and Domino environment, the notes.ini file may collect unnecessary and obsolete configurations which can affect stability and performance.

Resolving the problem

IBM Lotus Support recommends maintaining “clean” notes.ini configuration files as this action aids in the troubleshooting and maintenance of your Lotus Notes Clients and Lotus Domino Servers. As workstations and servers are upgrade, migrated and integrated with other products, unnecessary, unwanted, and obsolete variables often build up over time.

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IBM developerWorks : Lotus : Best Practice Makes Perfect

A collaboration with Domino developers about how to do it and how to get it right in Domino

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IBM – Best Practice: Security consideration for command-line configuration, administration scripts and update installations

Administrators of IBM® WebSphere® Portal and associated applications should be mindful of environmental security when issuing administrative commands that pass credentials.

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IBM Lotus Domino with BlackBerry Enterprise Server: Performance best practices

The use of BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BESW) in mail and messaging environments is increasing. More companies are exploring the benefits of mobile working and investing in technologies that mobilize their workforces. This technology is no longer restricted to mail, calendar, and contact synchronization. The use of mobile instant messaging is becoming a core part of the mobile toolkit. BlackBerry Enterprise Server allows companies to mobilize the core technology functions within their business. Customers running IBM Lotus Domino and IBM Lotus Sametime® environments can quickly and easily extend the functionality provided by these products to a mobile device.

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Lotus GURU Tips

The following tip is provided by Warren Elsmore, Senior Architecture Consultant for BE System, based in the UK. He’s been working with Notes and Domino since release 3 and is a regular conference speaker throughout the world, including Lotusphere. His expertise covers Lotus Notes, Domino, Sametime and Quick Administration and especially mobile devices.

Issue Commands to Multiple Servers

Here’s a handy tip for working with the Domino console. Quite often, we end up working with customers with lots of servers. Lots and lots of servers in fact. And of course, every so often it’s necessary to change something on all the servers. Perhaps restart a task – or add a new Notes.ini debug setting. You might think that this would be a long and laborious process – opening a connection to each server one by one to type in a single command. But this isn’t the case!

Did you know that the Domino administrator can issue a command to many servers at once? In fact, this is very simple indeed.

  1. First up, go to the Server Console section of your Domino Administrator. Type in the command as usual, but don’t click ‘Send’ just yet.
  2. Now click the drop-down part of the ‘Send’ button to show the menu, and select ‘Select Servers’
  3. Next you can select a whole number of servers – from any domain that you are connected to. Simply add the servers to the list and once you’re done, click on ‘Send’.  Your command will then get sent to each server you selected, all in one go!
  4. If you’re going to do this often – you can even pre-populate this dialog with your favorite server groups. Click the drop-down part of the ‘Send’ button again, but select ‘Customize’. Now you can add any groups from your local NAB, or public NAB (perhaps LocalDomainServers ?). Now sending a command to every server in your domain is as simple as a few clicks!

Lotus Web Content Management Best Practices

As suggested by my counterpart in Australia, Melissa Howarth, I’ve included the WCM Best Practices for your reference. For those of you unable to follow the link in this post, you can cut and paste this link: