IBM ConnectED 2015 OGS Summary

Here are some quick highlights from that conference:

Jeff Schick, General Manager of IBM Enterprise Social Solutions, kicked off our 22nd annual technical conference showcasing the exciting new ways IBM Verse, Connections and Digital Experience will make work more engaging, insightful, and productive.
Jeff pointed out how data is now a new natural resource, and how analytics, cloud, mobile and collaboration are changing the way the people engage. He recapped some of our exciting 2014 announcements, like our partnership with Apple, Watson Analytics, our global relationship with Twitter and of course, our November launch of IBM Verse.
IBM Verse leverages the foundational elements of Cloud, Mobile, Social, Analytics and security. We built a mail experience that understands you; that helps create focus and removes clutter. And with the power of social networks, we can enjoy the power of bringing “ME” to “WE.” Jeff concluded his session with series of announcements around IBM Verse and Connections, with crowd pleasing demos by Scott Souder and Luis Benitez.
IBM Verse
* IBM Verse and its new iOS app will be available in the cloud at the end of Q1
* A no cost model for IBM Verse will be available at Verse GA
* Early access to IBM Verse for IBM ConnectED attendees begins in February
* Intention to deliver IBM Verse on-premises
* Notes client will continue to be available
* Intention to deliver Domino services in Bluemix in 2H 2015; start experimenting with it in Q2

Connections next
* We will deliver a stand-alone file synch and share Cloud offering in Q1
* To address governance, risk and compliance requirements, IBM Connections Cloud will integrate with Actiance Vantage in Q1.
* We plan to release Connections services in Bluemix in 1Q 2015 and we plan to integrate IBM Connections Cloud with IBM Navigator in 2H 2015

Gary Dolsen, VP of Digital Experience (Portal), took to the stage with news about the Digital Experience portfolio, our 2014 accomplishments in this area, and his big bets for 2015 around Cloud, Mobile and Persuasive Content. He shared the importance of an effective digital experience to an organization. While many competitors focus exclusively on building marketing sites, research shows clearly that a holistic Digital Experience can offer so much more. Nicole Carrier and Rob Enright finished up with a demo of the new line of business capabilities and flexibility for developers in our Digital Experience software. Gary announced a number of things at the conference…

Digital Experience
* IBM will make more advances in the next year related to Cloud, Mobile, and Persuasive Content
* IBM will extend the cloud release we made in December to new areas — more cloud-based business solutions and more integration points.
* We aim to be the premier cloud offering for Digital Experiences available in the market
* We intend to extend our leadership position in web content management with capabilities to support native and hybrid mobile app development
* We will invest in even more powerful tools for business developers and web developers to build rich portfolios of sites quickly

ConnectED 2015: What’s changing and what’s staying the same

Kristin Keene, Events Manager for ConnectED formerly known as Lotusphere and Connect joined Oliver Heinz’s monthly ICS Community webcast today, and she shared some more information about the upcoming event:Why the change?Based on decisions with business partners, clients and experts, IBM determined they had swung the pendulum too far away from their technical roots with the most recent conferences. People felt that the LOB and marketing content was starting to overshadow the event.

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IBM ConnectED 2015 update

Lots of updates for IBM ConnectED! Per the site, “In 2015, IBM Connect will transform into an even more in-depth technical event, “IBM ConnectED” that provides the deep ‘nuts and bolts’ technical experience that is so important to our long-standing technical community.” I am very excited about this, as the technical content is why I go to Connect/Lotusphere.

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IBM – ConnectED 2015 – Overview

IBM Connect evolves to meet the needsof our technical clients and partners

In 2015, IBM Connect will transform into an even more in-depth technical event,“IBM ConnectED” that provides the deep “nuts and bolts” technical experience that is so important to our long-standing technical community.

Specifically designed for technologists of all levels, including CIOs, IT managers and practitioners, this new event will offer deep-dive technical sessions, demos, labs and roundtables, access to IBM technical experts, and more.

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Filmmaker explores pros, cons of being ‘Connected’ –

The news that America now has more cell phone subscribers than people doesn’t surprise documentary filmmaker Tiffany Shlain.

“There’s 5 billion cell phones on the planet, but only 2 billion people online,” said the director, whose new film “Connected” explores our increasing dependence on the electronic devices we carry.

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