Sick and tired of losing the Cybersecurity battle?

CyberSecurity Briefing

SIA - Nexblue

Stop treating the symptoms…get the cure!

Expressway – the next-generation journey to Business Agility!

Expressway methodology is the new way to:

  • Give your people the technological tools to run and manage your Business
  • Get and apply the insights from your operations necessary for Continuous Innovation
  • Design, Orchestrate and Integrate new and re-invented Business Models in order to achieve Business Agility
  • Allow your Business Priorities to become Desired Business Outcomes with bold ideas for creating initiatives
  • Deliver exceptional experiences by infusing AI into your initiatives

A unique opportunity to connect with multiple IBM and NextBlue alliance Cybersecurity experts in one room!

A not to miss event to get the cure on your Cybersecurity battle!


Source: CyberSecurity Briefing

IBM Cognitive Security – Watson for Cyber Security

Watson is here to help you secure your enterprise.

Watson for cyber security can draw security intelligence from millions of security blogs, online forums and white papers — so you can see threats unseen by other systems .

Source: IBM Cognitive Security – Watson for Cyber Security