ICS Zone – 5 technologies that will change the way we live within 5 years

BM Research recently released its 5 in 5 predictions: 5 future innovations that will impact our lives within 5 years. Their predictions are all based around the idea that computers of the imagefuture will not only store your data, but analyze it and start to learn in order to better help you. Part of me is hesitant, because isn\’t this is exactly the type of thing that 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Terminator have been warning us about for years? But I\’ll admit, if even one of these predictions comes true in the next 5 years, the world will be better off.

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The Future of Email is Social

Is email dead? Not if it’s still one of the top collaboration tools in business. IDC estimated there were over 400 million corporate email boxes in 2010 alone, with continued growth through at least 2014. But with the rapid growth of the cloud and alternative communications channels, especially blogging, microblogging, and other social networks, it’s clear that email will need to change to stay relevant. And changing it is.

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