Twitter in Plain English

twitterlogo1Do you Twitter?  What is Twitter?  My friends and colleagues Twitter, should you?  How do I get started?  Why should I get started?  Who cares?  All these questions can be answered by viewing this video which answers these questions and more.  Enjoy.

Twitter in Plain English

Social Networks in plain ENGLISH!

So I’m sitting in my parents living room at my daughter’s birthday party.  Lots of relatives are present and even the “out of towners” showed up.  I work the crowd like I always do.  Making sure that I have spoken to everyone in the room at some point or another before they leave.  The usual conversation topics come up like work, family, health, etc.  yada yada yada… but inevitably some will ask, “What do you do for work?”.  Aside from my usual responses of “Nothing”, “I wish Nothing”, or give them that quizical look of “Work?”, I end up trying to explain to them what social networking is all about.  Now, trying to explain this to grandma, or Aunt Em, or even Uncle Henry, is like showing them how to configure your network in a clustered environment.  PAINFUL!  JUST PAINFUL!  Until I found this, and suddenly my world seems so much more simple.  Enjoy.

Social Network in plain ENGLISH!