IBM Connections Content Edition v3

IBM® Connections Content Edition V3, an integrated solution, enhancements:

Enterprise document management and social collaboration are merged into a single environment to manage all types of content using the same social and desktop tools.

Users can proactively manage content from within IBM Connections, providing support for corporate compliance requirements.

Subject matter experts can create relevant and reliable content in real-time that is stored in your IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) repository and shared with your professional network.

ECM content is accessible from social tools and desktop applications using the included Lotus® Quickr® Connectors.

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IBM social collaboration

Successful people know — you do business with the people you trust. Social networking expands this exponentially:

* Positive customer comments or ratings ripple like never before

* Teams work faster with one another, generating more ideas

* Workers bypass bottlenecks to share knowledge and react faster

Introducing the IBM social collaboration platform

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Social Software Delivers Real Business Value

We will address the Line of Business Managers who are curious about social software, those who are in early development of their social software strategy…as well as those who have experience in implementing social software but are looking for more uses. The goal is for everyone to leave with at least one new approach for using social software to provide real business value. Our panel of experts will share their vision for the industry, present existing customer case studies, talk about the innovative solutions that can be implemented today and in the future.

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